Tuesday, 24 April 2007

BBC Bias Reaches New Heights : Wi-fi? Why worry?

After the excellent articles in the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Times on Sunday 22nd April there was bound to be a backlash from those interested parties, but it is very disappointing that it came mostly from the BBC.

In an article entitled "Wi-fi Why worry?" correspondent Bill Thompson has completely gone off into a rant and lost the plot. I was so incensed that I have complained, as follows:-

"This item entitled "Wi-fi? Why worry?" is the most opinionated baseless and biased piece of reporting I have seen so far on the BBC website.

The parts stating "Unfortunately the science says he is wrong, and his students are suffering as a result." and "Cellphones heat the brain and could cause problems. Wi-fi doesn't, and it is safe." can not be substantiated, are conjecture and belittle a serious topic.

THIS ARTICLE SHOULD BE WITHDRAWN FORTHWITH and Bill Thompson should be reprimanded for such baseless and biased statements. It does not deserve to be present on the BBC site where people may actually believe it and think that the BBC endorses such statements.

The last part "My daughter is sitting here as I write, her new wireless laptop beside her, and I'm a lot more worried about the damage she would do if she dropped it on her foot than I am about the impact of the low power radio waves it emits." is sick! It reminded me immediately of John Gummer feeding the beef burger to his child at the height of the BSE / mad cow crisis."

I will post the response (if any) from the BBC here later.

The links to the Sunday Times and Independent on Sunday stories can be found at :-


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